• Capacity: 550 gallons
  • Pump: PondXpert MightyMite Pond Pump 2500
  • UV: In-line 9W UV Filter
  • Filtration: 2 Bio-Filters 1000gph each
  • Stock: Goldfish, Sarasa Comets, Golden Orfe, Green Tench
  • Anti-Intruder: Fine black net
Loft Conversion

Below is a day-by-day account of our loft conversion, carried out by Econoloft during the summer of 2005. We were impressed by the speed and quality of the workmanship, however towards the end of the job there were delays because of insufficient and incorrect materials.

Day 0

This is what the loft looked like before the conversion started. Obviously I'd removed all the stuff that was lying about.

This view is from where the new doorway will be.

The day before the joiners started, a scaffold team arrived to erect a scaffold allowing access to the roof at the front of the house.

Day 1

All the materials were delivered and the joiners arrived. They get started immediately by installing the steel beams necessary to support the new floor.

Also the plumber arrives to move and replace the cold water tank with a coffin tank located behind the steel beams and move any pipe work that will be in the way of the new stairwell. At this stage the plumber did not relocate the central heating header tank.

I'm amazed that the steel beams are installed in what turns out to be half a days work for 2 joiners.

Day 2

Joist hangers are hung from the steel beams and some of the joists forming the new floor are hung.

A start is made on strengthening the roof joists.

Day 3

The joists forming the walls that support the roof (ashlar wall) are installed.

One of the Velux windows is installed and more steel is added at the apex of the roof.

Day 4

A local alarm company moves the house alarm control box as leaving it where it was meant that it would have been in the stairwell.

Some existing roof trusses are removed and new floor is laid on the new joists.

The framework for 2 more Velux windows at the rear is added but the windows are not installed at this stage.

I took this opportunity to move the aerial amplifier to a new location behind the new walls.

The building inspector visits to check the progress.

Day 5

A skip arrives and the new staircase is delivered and is stored in the garage.

The debris from the loft and the front lawn is moved into the skip.

The area behind the new walls is insulated and boarded out and the new floor around the stairwell is hung.

Day 6

Two more Velux windows are installed at the rear of the house.

The access points to the storage areas behind the new walls are constructed and a start is made on installing the 3 inch Kingspan insulation between the new roof and wall joists.

Day 7

The remaining 3 inch insulation layer is almost completed and the two Velux windows at the front of the property are installed.

Day 8

A polythene layer is installed over the new walls and roof and a start is made on installing another 1.5 inch layer of insulation over the polythene.

The building inspector pays a second visit to check the progress.

Day 9

The plumber moves the soil and vent pipe, as its existing location is too close to the new windows and also completes the plumbing work by moving the central heating header tank to a location behind the new walls.

Day 10

The stairs are partially installed (not supported at the top at this stage) and the walls around the stairwell are built.

More of the 1.5 inch insulation is installed and a start is made on putting up the plasterboard.

Day 11

A lintel is installed above one of the bedroom doors on the floor below and the stairs are completed. More 1.5 inch insulation and plasterboard is put up.

Day 12

Chaos. Electricians and joiners are in attendance together which is normally avoided, but owing to a mis-communication they are all working on the property at the same time.

The electricians install the first fix electrics whilst the joiners continue with the plaster boarding and fit new handrails and spindles on the existing stairwell to match those on the new stairwell.

Days 13/14

More plasterboard fitted to walls and ceiling Banisters and spindles on new stairs are completed.

The floor on the new landing is completed but the handrail is missing because insufficient length was delivered.

The door to the new loft room is installed various minor areas of joinery are completed.

Days 15/16

The plasterers arrive to plaster the new walls. The new handrail is delivered by courier. Plastering completed.

Days 17/18

Electricians install second fix electrics.

Final joinery completed; final piece of handrail fitted, correct skirting and architrave fitted (original delivery did not match existing) and building inspector pays his final visit and certifies the project.

Points to Note:
The elapsed time for the whole job was 5.5 weeks.
There was 1 week between days 14 and 15 because of the previously mentioned handrail, skirting board and architrave shortage.
There was 1 week between days 16 and 17.